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Giorgia Fiorio

Italian Singer, Actress, Photojournalist, Photographer

Born Giorgia Fiorio
July 23, 1967
Turin, Italy

Giorgia Fiorio Italian Singer, Actress, Photojournalist, Photographer

Giorgia Fiorio, Italian singer, actress, photojournalist and photographer was born on July 23, 1967 in Turin, Italy. Fascinating beauty and talented singer with a unique rugged buff voice, who won the 1986 Inter Pop Eurodance Competition in Hungary. Her 1980's hits include "Take It Or Leave It", "Can You Take The Heat", "Day After Day", "One Love One Strong Fire", "Rebel In The Rain", "Pirate Of Love", "Save Tonight For Me", "Tell Me Why". Discography: Bimbo 1982, Avro 1983, Giorgia 1986, Tell Me Why 1986, Pirate Of Love 1986, Rock Show Ver Strumentale 1987.

She attended the International Center of Photography in New York and produced her first in-depth photo essay on boxers. Since then she has worked primarily on long-term self-directed projects, such as "Men" which resulted in five monographs - Legio Patria Nostra (French Foreign Legion), Etre/Ser Torero (bullfighters), Boxin' USA, American Firemen, and Men of the Sea - as well as Des Hommes (Marval 2003). Her present work is on the theme of spirituality. She joined Contact Press Images in 1994, and in 1997 was named Documentary Photographer of the Year by American Photography magazine. She is represented exclusively by art dealer Cyrille de Gunzburg for the worldwide sale of her original prints. She is based in Paris.

Giorgia's project "Men" began in 1990, a project exploring closed male communities: Ukrainian miners, New York boxers, the Foreign Legion, Spanish bullfighters, American fire fighters and Men of the Sea, "Men who are rooted in archaic worlds at home with centuries-old experiences, rituals and gestures". This project has been captured in six books, published in Paris. In 2002, Stern devoted their Spezial issue to her, and her work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Aperture, the Independent Magazine, etc. Her recent exhibition at Focus Gallery in London (2003) provided a retrospective for this wide-ranging body of work.

In 2003, she published the definitive book on her Men series: Des Hommes at Editions Marval, Paris. She has now begun work on a new long-term project, the Gift, about spirituality in different countries and cultures, in which she attempts to capture this elusive spark in the heart of man - the spiritual. "I am photographing an absence".

Awards include the Studio Marangoni Award (1993), the prix Marc Flament organized by the French Ministry of Defence for the best work of reportage (1996), and the Yan Geoffroy Award (1999). She was named Photographer of the Year for documentary photography by American Photography in 1997.

Exhibitions include: Paris, Italian Cultural Centre (2001); Rivoli, Turin, Museo Castello di Rivoli (2003) and Saarbrücken, Saarland Museum (2003).

"In January 2000 I began to work on a long term photographic research project entitled The Gift ("gift" in the sense of grace), a humanistic investigation into the different forms of spirituality.

My photographic research across innumerable expressions of Faith has sought out visual evidence, by which to transcribe the universality of the act of belief as a metaphysical impetus deeply inherent to human nature. I came to understand that the aim could not be an inventory of the world's religions but rather had to focus on the symbolic codes of the gesture stripped bare of its dogmas.

I wondered what possessed such multitudes swarming the face of the earth, outlying spaces and endless days; what those who raise their hands to the sky and those who clasp the floor with their palms had in common; what drove those staggering figures to strive for bodily mortification of all sorts, why some would cover all but their eyes while others would simply stand naked; and what inspired those dances and chants, those countless silent hours through the centuries... Inexplicable, though somehow intangibly visible, so many different ways of individual quest for unison of Self and the universe..." Giorgia Fiorio.

Giorgia Fiorio's works are exhibited at Cyrille de Gunzburg fine art dealer established in Paris in 1987 specializing in works by influential artists, from Impressionism to the 21st century. © Cyrille de Gunzburg.


Giorgia Fiorio

Official Web Site : http://www.giorgiafiorio.com/


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